What a wild ride it has been.

Today, we’re less than two weeks away from the ever-important anniversary of Donald Trump’s Inauguration. A businessman but political outsider, Trump was all but expected to win until the waning hours of Election Night. Recounts were demanded, Democrats decried the Electoral College, and everyone has now died several times.

Regardless, for the few of you still alive, here’s the Good and the Bad from Trump’s first year in office:


Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:

Although it took a bit longer than anticipated, the GOP finally passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a cornerstone $1.5 trillion dollar tax cut bill. Most families can expect to pocket an additional $2,000 per year, a welcome addition to personal budgets. Corporate taxes were nearly cut in half, which has also already provided a nice return to employees: over a million workers will receive bonuses this coming year thanks to the bill.


The General Economy:

The Administration thus far has presided over some of the greatest economic triumphs in recent memory, including a 5,000 point DJI increase(for the first time in history), DJI hitting 25,000 points(for the first time in history), the lowest number of layoffs since 1990, Manufacturing having its best year since 2004, and GDP growth over 3 percent for three quarters in a row. Although Trump himself can’t be credited with 100 percent of that, it all points to confidence in a market with a conservative businessman at the helm.

Justice Neil Gorsuch:

Much to my surprise(and many others), Justice Gorsuch is becoming quite the liberty advocate. His appointment was the cause of controversy for many, but he’s proven thus far to be competent and capable. Add to that the fact that he’s only 50 years old, and Trump has picked a reliable Justice who will be on the bench for decades to come.


After decades of Presidents putting off the issue, Trump finally pulled the trigger and recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. This is important because America’s stay in Tel Aviv and silence about the issue has done nothing to foster peace. This decision will hopefully help bring an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Decrease of Funding to the United Nations:

After the Jerusalem announcement, the United Nations went on to vote on the decision, voting 128-9 to condemn the decision. U.S. Ambassador(or as I like to call her, “Ambadassador”) Nikki Haley then announced our U.N. funding would be cut by $285 million dollars. Even after the cut, the U.S. is still the most-giving nation to the U.N., but this move is a beautiful savings and a firm reminder of American exceptionalism.

Less Regulations:

Trump has touted he’s cut 22 regulations for every one he’s created, and even though the ribbon-cutting ceremony was a little grandiose, the effects are still there.


The Tweets:

Perhaps Trump’s greatest failure is that he just won’t shut up. From #Covfefe to #stablegenius to calling everything #fakenews, Trump’s barrage of tweets and impromptu speeches have given the left room to talk more about his words than his actions. If he loses in 2020, it’ll be because he can’t let his actions speak for themselves.


Roy Moore:

This qualifies as ugly more than anything, but I’ll keep this article to two columns. Trump still defended and campaigned for Roy Moore even amidst accusations of Moore being a sexual predator. Moore still lost the race to Doug Jones, so not only was it all for naught, but it will forever put a greasy stain on his Presidency.

The Alt-Right:

He’s had too many chances to do so, and Trump has repeatedly failed to condemn the Alt-Right. His response to Charlottesville was disastrous and distasteful – and will forever loom over the administration.


All in all, the Trump Administration has had some historical achievements and has impacted an economy that speaks for itself, but Trump’s consistent lack of professionalism gives opposers fuel to to set his achievements on fire. If Trump wants to win in 2020, he’ll need to sit back and let his administration’s work speak for itself and keep trending towards greatness. If he can do that, we might be looking at one of the most accomplished Presidents in modern history.

Jacob Leddy
Jacob Leddy is a former Libertarian candidate for Indiana State Senate and a firm believer in the concepts of Liberty.

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