Something needs to change, but it isn’t gun laws

I hate writing these articles, because whenever I have to write this it means a tragedy has happened. Although this specific article is in response to the Parkland School Shooting on Valentine's Day, it could easily be a response to any of the 32 mass shootings America has endured since 2000.

Analyzing Trump’s First 365 Days

What a wild ride it has been. Today, we're less than two weeks away from the ever-important anniversary of Donald Trump's Inauguration. A businessman but political outsider, Trump was all but expected to win until the waning hours of Election Night. Recounts were demanded, Democrats decried the Electoral College, and everyone

Everyone should find solace in new tax plan

Ah, taxes. (NOTE: This article covers a general guideline of the House and Senate bills, which are different and constantly being changed. This article covers the general language of what the final bill is expected to address, but may differ from current or future versions) Republicans released a bill last week with

Would Stricter Gun Laws Have Prevented the Vegas Shooting?

ough day. During an outdoor country music festival last night in Las Vegas, a gunman started firing an automatic rifle upon thousands of concert-goers. Holed up in a hotel room in the Mandalay Bay hotel, he shot through his window from the 32nd floor. Thus far, there have been over 50 confirmed

LEDDEBATE: Should Undocumented Immigrants be Considered Criminals by the U.S. Government?

This is part one of an essay debate. For Armand's thoughts, click here. p until 1914, America had, for all intents and purposes, open borders. Anyone could come over by boat, and they'd be accepted with open arms at Ellis Island. The result of this became one of the most prosperous and

I Still Can’t Drink on Sundays

he day after Christmas last year, I moved from Indianapolis, IN to Fort Worth, TX. I was excited about the change of scenery, the warmer climate, and the lack of state taxes. Texas often espouses mental images of a libertarian mecca, with people chugging beer out of cowboy hats while